Weapon   : Beam Gun

Ready Weapon   : B, F, HK

Missle: F, F, LP

Double Missile   : B, B, F, LP

Heat Seeking Missle: F, B, D, HP

Teleport Punch: F, F, LK

Fatality #1   : F, F, F, B, BLK (Sweep)

(Sektor releases a compactor from his chest and squashes his opponent with it)

Fatality #2   : F, F, D, F, BLK (Sweep)

(Sektor whips out a flamethrower and fries his opponent to a crisp)

Prison Stage Fatality   : B, F, F, HK (Close)

Goro's Lair Fatality   : D, F, B, LK (Close)

Kombo #1-- ????

Kombo #2-- ????

Cyrax is in a bed in a lab with Jax and Sonya around him near a control panel.  Sonya asks Cyrax if he wants to go through with this now that all systems are go.  She says if this doesn't work, they won't be able to recover his main processor.  Cyrax explains about seeing flashbacks while fighting Shinnok, so he can't live unless his is returned to a human form.  Jax and Sonya begin a scanning process on Cyrax.  On the count of three, the switch on the control panel is turned on by Sonya and a bright green light comes from the scanner. Jax and Sonya look away.  Then, they power down.  Jax and Sonya then notice Sektor in the roon.  Sonya is stunned, and Sektor shoots six missiles into the room and the room explodes.  He then walks away.  Sonya and Jax scream.  Then you see Sonya dead on the floor, Jax dead on the floor, and lastly you see Cyrax's head in a red pool of blood.