Noob returns to serve under Shinnok again after aiding the Earth Warriors to overthrow Shao Kahn's minion. After a thought successful extermination of Shao Khan, Noob returns again to serve as a General in Shinnok's Army of Darkness. 

 Weapon  : Sickle

Ready Weapon : F, F, HK

Fireball (W/Weapon)  : D, F, LP (Also In Air)

Black Orb   : B, B, F, F, HK

 Teleport  : D, U

Teleport Slam  : D, U, (BLK To Slam)

 Teleport Punch  : D, U, (HP Or LP)

 Teleport Kick  : D, U, (HK Or LK)

Air Throw  : BLK (In The Air)


Prison Stage Fatality  : D, B, B, HK (Close)

Goro's Lair Fatality  : F, D, F, HK (Close)

Kombo #1-- ????

Kombo #2-- ????