Reborn in the Netherealm and servant to Shinnok since her rebirth, Mileena finds that the coming battle gives her a chance to both escape her fearful servitude to Shinnok and avenge her own death. Knowing Kitana will fight for Edenia, Mileena ensures an easy escape route is left as she moves into battle with Shinnok. 

Weapon   : Katana

Ready Weapon   : F, F, LP

Sai Throw   : Hold HP for 2 seconds, then release (can do in the air)

Teleport Kick   : F, F, LK

Ground Roll   : B, B, D, HK

Fatality #1   : B, B, B, F, LK (Sweep)

(Mileena slices and dices her opponent by throwing a ton of sais at them)

Fatality #2   : F, B, F, LP (Sweep)

(Milleena showers her opponent with nails by inhaling, then exhaling them across the screen with massive force)

Prison Stage Fatality   : F, F, B, HP (Close)

Goro's Lair Fatality   : D, F, D, LP (Close)

Kombo #1-- ????

Kombo #2-- ????

Kitana is in a room standing on the side of a throne.  Mileena walks in, requesting that she becomes queen of Edenia because she deserves it.  Kitana gets in her face telling her she has no right because she was born from Shao Kahn's evil.  Mileena then kneels before Kitana and begs.  Kitana tells her she is all evil and won't do any good to this world.  Mileena admits she's right, but says Kitana shouldn't have a right either, and she uppercuts her into the throne.  Mileena attacks Kitana with her sai's and says she will take the realm for her own.  Mileena throws special sai's at Kitana and the throne falls out of a nearby window with Kitana still in it.