After Shao Kahn's defeat at the hands of Earth's fighters, Sub-Zero's warrior clan known as the Lin Kuei is disbanded. But with the new threat brought on by Quan Chi, the ice warrior once again dons the familiar costume once worn by his brother the original Sub-Zero. He also holds secrets passed on to him by his sibling, secrets that could hold the key to stopping Shinnok.
Weapon   : Freeze Wand
Ready Weapon  : QCF, HK
Freeze   : QCF, LP
Ice Cloud   : QCF, LP
Slide    : LP + BL + LK
Freeze Wand   : B+LP
Fatality #1   : F, B, F, D, RN+BL+HP (Close)
(Sub-Zero grabs the opponent's head from behind and yanks it off)
Fatality #2   : B, B, D, B+HP (Outside sweep)
(Sub freezes you and then uppercuts you into pieces)  
Prison Stage Fatality   : (BL) D, U, U, U, HK (Close)
Goro's Lair Fatality   : D, D, D, LK (Close)
Kombo #1-- Tap D, F+LP, tap D+HP --23% damage
Kombo #2 -- Tap D+HK, tap D, F+LP tap D+HP --18% damage
Sub-Zero is standing and Scorpion is on the ground. Scorpion is saying how Sub-Zero may have defeated his physical being, but his spirit lives on and Sub has not really won. Then Quan Chi appears and knocks Sub-Zero on the back of the head, forcing Sub to fall to the ground where he remains. Quan walks over to Sub and starts telling him how Shinnok hired Scorpion to help him, and now they both must die. But then Scorpion gets up and levitates Quan. Quan yells "Scorpion!" Then while Scorpion is levitating Quan, a ball of energy comes from Scorpion's hands and Quan Chi explodes into pieces all over the screen. Sub gets up and Scorpion tells Sub that he is now free of Scorpion's curse and should go.