The god of thunder returns to Earth after the defeat of Shao Kahn- but finds a new threat when Shinnok's forces, led by Quan Chi attack the Elder Gods. With the heavens in disarray, Raiden exists as one of the last gods of Earth. He must come to the aid of his elders and put an end to the villainous reign of his ancient enemy.
Weapon   : Wooden Mallet
Ready Weapon : F, B, HP
Lightning   : QCB, LP
Body Launch   : F, F, LK
 Teleport   : D, U
Fatality #1   : (Hold BL) D, U, U, U, HP (Close)
(He summons his staff and then shoves it through your stomach. He creates electricity and makes it flow through his staff and you get fried. He then lets you slide off the staff onto the ground) 
Fatality #2   : (BL) F, B, U, U, HK (Close)
(Raiden picks you up and starts to fill you with electicity. Then when you can't hold it anymore, you blow up) 
Prison Stage Fatality   : D, F, B, BL (Close)
Goro's Lair Fatality   : F, F, D, LP (Close)
Kombo #1-- Jump in deep, tap HK, F, F+LK --20% damage
Kombo #2-- Tap D+HK, F, F+LK --18% damage
Raiden floats up into the air. Then a light appears and the elder gods invite raiden to become an elder god. But he must choose a new protecter of earth, so he chooses Fujin.