Still the immortal champion of Mortal Kombat, Liu Kang finds himself venturing into the realm of Edenia to rescue the Princess Kitana from the vile clutches of Quan Chi. Unsuccessful in his mission, Liu returns to Earth and mounts an effort to bring together Earth's greatest warriors. He does it this time not only to free Kitana's home world but also to assist his mentor and Earth's protector - Raiden.
Weapon  : Flamberge Sword
Ready Weapon  : B, F, LK
Fireball   : F, F, HP
Low Fireball   : F, F, LP
Flying Kick   : F, F, HK
     Bicycle Kick   : Hold LK (3 seconds)
Fatality #1   : F, F, F, D, BLK+HK+LK (Sweep)
   (He turns into his classic dragon, bites you, thrashes you about in his mouth, and throws you down) 
Fatality #2  : F, D, D, U, HP (Close)
(Liu throws you into the screen.  When you're right about to hit the screen he chucks a fireball at you and you blow up right on the screen) 
Prison Stage Fatality   : F, F, B, LP (Close)
Goro's Lair Fatality   : F, F, B, HK (Close)
Kombo #1-- Jump in deep, tap HK, F, F+HK --20% damage
Kombo #2-- Jump in deep, tap HK, F, F+HP --20% damage
(Note: This combo can be done in the air.)
Liu Kang is in the dojo.  He starts to say how he failed to save Kitana and her home land by winning the tournment. But then Kitana appears though a portal and says she and her home world are alright. She then asks for Liu Kang to come with her so they could be King and Queen. Liu Kang says no, he can't leave earth. He must stay and protect earth.