Believed to be the last member of Kano's klan, the Black Dragon. Jarek is hunted down by Special Forces agent Sonya Blade for crimes against humanity. With the emergence of a much greater evil, Sonya focuses her strengths on the new menacing Quan Chi. Jarek now finds himself fighting alongside Sonya and Earths warriors to help defeat the Evil Elder God, Shinnok.
Weapon   :  Sword
Ready Weapon  : F, F, HP
Projectile   : QCB, LP
Cannonball   : B, F, LK
Ground Slam   : B, D, B, HK
    Upwards Cannonball  : F, D, F, HP
Fatality #1   : F, B, F, F, LK (Close)
(Jarek smashes his hand into your chest.  He searchs for a little while, and then he pulls out your heart.  Just like Kano's heart rip.) 
Fatality #2   : U, U, F, F, BL (Outside Sweep)
(Just like his bud Kano, Jarek fries you with his laser eye) 
Prison Stage Fatality  : F, D, F, HK (Close)
Goro's Lair Fatality   : B, F, F, LP (Close)
Kombo #1-- Tap HK, B, F+LK --18% damage
Kombo #2-- Jump in deep, tap HK, B, D, B+HK --20% damage
Jarek and Sonya are on a cliff. Sonya tells Jarek that she has to take him back with her. Jarek refuses and backs Sonya to the edge of the cliff. Jarek says he won't go with her and that the Black Dragon society lives on! Jarek then rushes at Sonya. Sonya side-steps away from Jarek and Jarek runs right past her and falls off the edge of the cliff. Sonya begins to radio Jax, but then you see Jarek's hand grab Sonya's ankle and pull her off the cliff. Jarek then climbs up the edge of the   cliff, smahes Sonya's radio, and laughs.