Better known as the God of Wind, Fujin joins Raiden as one of the last surviving
gods of Earth. Their counterparts were defeated in a war of the heavens between Shinnok's forces and the Elder Gods. He now prepares for the final battle between the forces of light and Shinnok's hell-spawned warriors of darkness.
Weapon   : Cross Bow
Ready Weapon  : D, B, HP
Spear Kick   : D + HK (air move)
Air Lift   : F, D, F HP
Slam    : B, F, D, LK (after Air Lift)
Fuji Knee   : F, D, F HK
The Twister   : F, D + LP (keep hitting LP) *throw
Fatality #1   : (BL+RN) x 5 (Half screen)
   (He puts a tornado around you, you float upward, and then he blows your butt to pieces with his cross bow) 
Fatality #2   :  D, F, F, U, BL (Outside Sweep)
(Fujin shoots wind at you and blows your skin right off)  
Prison Stage Fatality   : D, D, D, HK (Close)
Goro's Lair Fatality   : B, F, B, HP (Close)
Kombo #1-- Jump in deep, tap HK, F, D, F+HP --16% damage
Kombo #2-- Tap F, D, F+HP, B, F, D+LK, D+HP --24% damage
Fujin talks to the Blue Face's and they tell him that he did a good job. Then Raiden appears and says that he has now become an elder god and he must choose a new protector for Earth, so he chooses Fujin to be the new protector.